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Social Activity


Chatushrungi Devasthan we have developed a dice for new as well as professional artists. We encourage them to show & perform their art.

Being a religious & cultural trust, we invite artists to perform sugam sangeet, pravachan, vyakhyan, kirtan, etc.

Well known music director & singer Shri Shridhar Phadke, son of late Shri Sudhir Phadke performed here and we have organized marathi musical program “Fite Andharache Jale” which was a great hit.

Pandit Shrikant Deshpande, grandson of great Sawai Gandharva performed “Santwani” a musical program of abhang.

Well known singer, world famous internationally known personality, classical singer Pandit Jasraj performed in front of Devi Maa.

Dr. Shankar Abhyankar ‘Vidya Vachaspati’ has got decorate in literature. Well known & very famous person for his study & research about saints & their literature, who gave speech on ‘Sri Sukta’ for 5 days.

These are the few cultural, musical, folk, literature programs, which are organized by Shri Devi Chatushrungi Mandir Trust & Shri Chatushrungi Seva Samitee in last few years.

All trustees, donors, devotees believes that with the blessings of Shri Chatushrungi Devi, it is easy to create a platform for these kind of cultural programs in future.

Green Hills Group -Tree Plantation

Green Hills Group has been working for last 15 years in rain water harvesting and tree plantation in Pune. Initially for 5 to 6 years, we worked as a small group and then registered as a trust called Green Hills Group. We have a panel of eight trustees and lot of devoted nature lovers. Some of us are retired persons having different background – bankers , engineers , businessman etc, some of us are still at college and some are still working. All of us carry a dream and have mission impossible ahead of us – we want to make hills around Pune Green!

Ensuring adequate water at hill top require lot of commitment from individuals and lot of team work from everyone. The success in this journey is very slow and is not visible to society for 5 to 6 years. We could manage to overcome many obstacles till now. With faith in nature god we are sure of achieving our dream.

The Chatushrungi hill is located behind one of the oldest temple near university of Pune . Since 2005, we are planting and nurturing trees on this hill. We are converting more than 30 acres of Barren land into greenery. Till now have planted more than eight thousand trees , most of the trees are getting water using drip irrigation system. Many corporates and individual are contributing in this work. Young and energetic volunteers visit the hill every week end.

More than 10 km of CCT (Continuous Contour Trenches) are dug on the hill. This helps in stopping soil erosion and water harvesting. There are more than 8 water tanks on the hill. Till April 2019 trees were getting water by water tanker. But from 2019 , FirstData company have helped in installing water pumping system . Now water is pumped from temple well to hill top. All the tanks are connected.

Retired forest officer late Shree Takalkar had introduced us to CCT technique. In this technique we mark the points which are at same level and then dig trench connecting those points. Most of the trenches are dug by labor . Getting labor on hill top is very difficult and costly . We are forced make use of earth excavator machine for digging few trenches.

More than 5000 plants get water using drip irrigation system . Getting good plumber on hilltop is very difficult and costly . Many time our committed members do this work. Typically plant need water in summer for first three years . Drip system makes optimum use of water.

Art of living Sessions

Art of living sessions are regularly conducted at campus.For more details contact devasthan office.


Shree Chatushrungi Devasthan Trust is working on renovating the Temple without compromising the heritage nature and feel of the existing temple.

The Jirnoddhar is planned such that the approach steps become more convenient, Sabhamanadp larger and adorned with terrace and free moving areas surrounding on all sides of the Sabhamandap.

The Main SabhaMandap is planned in a way that Devotees shall be able to see the Goddess as soon as they enter the Mandap allowing them the mesmerising Darshan of the Divine form.

The trust is also contemplating to install escalators from the base of the hill to the main temple which will help people to have effortless and direct access to the main temple. This would allow our differently abled and older devotees to reach the Temple with lesser efforts.

The proposed temple will be three story structure. The Garbhagriha and Shikhar are heritage sites and will be maintained as it is.

A Dhayana Mandir ( Meditation Hall) at the lowest floor is proposed which will allow to devotees to meditate in calm place.

The middle floor will have staying arrangements for Temple Priests and the third floor will be the main Temple Sabhamandap.

The third floor terraces allow bird’s eye view of the Pune city.